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At Borgo Colognola we continue to propose new Wedding themes! We always leave more room for creativity and unusual original solutions, which make the wedding celebration in Umbria unique and unforgettable.

This time, satisfying the desire and taste of the spouses, Borgo Colognola welcomed a big village festival in a picturesque “Street Food Wedding” theme that fitted really well with our wedding location, given the availability of large external spaces, where the reception could be held, the corner of the extemporaneous kitchen and the tables to accommodate over 400 guests.
The reception was in fact organized as a path, bordered by wooden hand-painted signs, with areas for the tables in the sandstone square, then moving to the garden, with the cloister, stands, kiosks, and barbecue areas.

The menu was characterized by organic food and wines, all from local producers: roasted pork and traditional sausages, kebabs and grilled meat all cooked on demand, then cheese, fish fried from nearby Lake Trasimeno, Pizza made in our ancient medieval oven and the timeless “torta al teso” (traditional Umbrian flat bread) served with sausages and chicory.

Here at Borgo Colognola we have witnessed a remake of the old Renaissance wedding, same as it took place in ancient times: the village was filled with flavors and authenticity of the past, giving way to the simplicity, conviviality and celebration, also accompanied by live folk music and dance.

The experience was memorable and so we would like to share it with you.

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