Borgo Colognola is the ideal location for any type of event: parties, meetings, aperitifs and food and wine tastings, gala evenings, after dinners and private parties of all kinds.


Catering, entertainment, music and personal services tailored to your needs, make Borgo Colognola an ideal location for a unique event. Corporate events such as meetings and conventions with its reserved areas where we do business, birthday and graduation parties, christenings, gold and silver wedding anniversaries, engagement party and stag or hen parties.


The size of Borgo Colognola and the many modular spaces make it possible also host exhibitions and trade fairs and medieval nights.


During the course of the year we personally organize various events like New Year’s Eve Grand Gala, a romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day and Easter lunches.


We also host an annual Wedding Weekend Event at Borgo Colognola. An event that stirs growing interest, where you can discover all the latest trends in the wedding industry, in the presence of the best professionals, with a fashion show of the latest collections of bridal gowns and formal wear, all enriched by a tasting of Umbrian cuisine and a music set.


You can make every event more special with a stay in our apartments or devoting yourself to one of the many outdoor activities organized. For each private event Borgo Colognola provides a support kitchen for use of the catering and offers the possibility of purchasing the products of our organic vegetable garden and our Farm.


For those wishing to make it even more exclusive, intimate and immersive its own event, the village can be offered exclusively: apartments, rooms, outdoor areas and totally available!


The owners of the property will be completely available and always supporting you. The Borgo offers added value, professionalism, great organizational skills, all in a familiar and friendly approach and a philosophy that makes the village a lot more than just a location.