The Farm

The farm, located at an altitude of about 450 meters above sea level, covers 270 acres, it is situated at the foot of Mount Tezio, among olive trees, vineyards, forests and fields. Here the plants benefit from privileged hillside position, characterized by an area of rocky limestone surface and deep clay, particularly suited to the cultivation of grapes and olives.


The farm is now followed by the new generations who continue the family tradition with passion and respect for the land, safeguarding the environment and reviving the village in complete harmony with the landscape and nature.


The company adheres to the protocols of the Umbria region for agri-environment, which contemplate a reduction of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in crops, replaced with natural soil improvers certified organic.


Our Products:



The white varieties are Chardonnay, crossed Manzoni (Reysling Rhenish and Pinot Blanc) and Malvasia, the latter used for a small production of Vin Santo, prepared by the family for over a hundred years. For the red wine, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. The harvest is manual and, for the white grapes, is made in the last half of August, while for the red grapes in the second half of September.


Olive Oil

The olives are harvested by hand and are pressed the same day, to maximize the organoleptic properties of the product. The cold pressing occurs exclusively in a traditional mill, with a granite grinding stone, which allows the oil to maintain a cloudy appearance, a dark green color with some gold nuances and a delicately fruity flavor. The oil is available to buy in size of 500ml or 750ml and can be sent by courier directly to your home.


Nerino umbro

On the farm we breed some special pigs, the ones our ancestors used to use in the Umbrian countryside: black pigs. This is a typical slow-growing Italian breed, with a high quality meat particularly suitable for the production of fine sausages and hams. You can watch them graze in the wild and have the opportunity to taste the products we make from their meat.


We also give all our guests the opportunity to directly buy food from our organic vegetable garden.

Historical House

The history of Borgo Colognola is full of passion and love for the land. Colognola village is located in a place of extreme agricultural vocation, witnessed by the same name of the village, which since the eleventh century indicated the existence of a very ancient agricultural settlement called “Coloniola”, i.e. small colony.


The first documentation found related to the agricultural settlement in Colognola dates back to the land registry created by the City of Perugia between 1339 and 1361, which identified the core in the houses, in the church and in the agricultural structures. In the centuries, Colognola has not substantially changed its appearance of a small agricultural settlement built around the Church.


Between 1500 and 1900 the land was united under a single owner and the farm, with farmhouses, the manor house, the mill, the oratory and the court, in the years passed from hand to hand, until 1926, when Pio Dominici fell in love with the charm of the estate and impressiveness of the dwelling and decided to bring it back to its former glory, by purchasing the whole lot from the Marquis of Tuscany.


Initially conceived and restored as a private residence, but damaged over time by wars, in 2007 it was restored through the work of preservation that today have made it one of the most evocative corners of the Perugia area.


An exclusive and elegant location for weddings and events with classy apartments, surrounded by an oasis of peace and tranquility, managed with sophistication directly from the owner.


Borgo Colognola offers to its guests the chance to admire the extraordinary architecture, retrieved through careful conservation work that has preserved its ancient materials. Wooden beamed ceilings, terracotta and antique wooden floors, doors and gates returned to the original lacquer and old wood, are just some of the wonderful features that can be appreciated within the residence.

The luxurious apartments, which overlook the surrounding countryside, are a magical place where you can spend stays in tune with nature and where to celebrate unforgettable moments. Borgo Colognola, in addition to its square with extensive lawns and gardens, has ideal facilities for weddings, events and conferences. A small Baroque Church embellished with seventeenth century altar framing, completes the rose of beautiful spaces available for receptions.