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Gourmet and Food Design

Our location does not only offer a beautiful space for your wedding, but, in addition to wedding planning services, makes your event special also through the food served during the reception. In fact, we offer a traditional gourmet cuisine which reflects the philosophy of the Borgo: what we want is for you to have an experience of our territory, a trip in the typicality and in the slow food, which we enrich with an approach geared towards “food design”.


From the hors d'oeuvres to the wedding cake, we offer a sensory journey and a remarkable food and wine experience.


For the menu we offer the best and most famous regional foods at zero km and D.o.p. (protected designation of origin), prepared and presented with special care and creativity by our Chefs: salami from San Venanzo, cheeses from Monte Cucco and red onion from Cannara, black truffle from Norcia, saffron from Cascia, meat raised in the territory, accompanied by black celery from Trevi and potatoes from Colfiorito.


Obviously, all food is seasoned with fresh extra virgin olive oil produced directly in our farm. Our olive oil is also very popularly used as gastronomic wedding favors, bottled in little ampullas.


For the wines we have a selection of the local wineries which aims to introduce you to the products of the native vineyards. No shortage of proposals of drinks and cocktails, prepared with a base of centrifuged fresh fruit and vegetables, served for aperitifs and after dinner.


The fittings of our receptions follow a line of country-chic style: using candles, old bottles and porcelain, tiles and wood, luggage, centerpieces with aromatic herbs and other beautiful features in natural shades.


We also love to propose to our guests the option of a reception banquet in “street food” style.

Internal food design